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Samadhan : Called as Information & Facilitation Centre at District Centre, in Collectorate.( also called as Single window)

In Ahmednagar, Centre started from 21st Sept. 2000. Inaugurated by Divisional Commissioner, Nashik & local MLA on 30th sept. 2002.

   Softwares –

1.      Single Window System – Developed by NIC, Pune

30 various applications are accepted at the counter & receipt is generated & given to applicant. Also various daily reports are generated .


2.      Affidavit Monitoring System – Developed by NIC, Ahmednagar

Approx. 20 different affidavits are generated. All Affidavit types & formats are entered & daily Affidavits are generated on Rs.20 stamp paper. Daily Affidavit Register & Abstract is also generated. 


3.      Stamp Expenditure Information System - Developed by NIC, Ahmednagar

Various types of documents are issued to public through Registar Office. But  common person do not know, how much expenditure, he has to do to get particular document, according to Valuation. Using this system, Receipt of total expenditure  is generated & issued to concerned person to pay amount shown in receipt only. This software is implemented at one counter in single window & daily receipts are issued.



Center was run by NGO- Social Center, Ahmednagar till 31st December 2002.

Now it is given on BOT basis to VIDYAONLINE ,BARAMATI . ( they may use now there

own developed softwares)


Setu  And Suvidha:


With a view to take the benefits of Information Technology to the common man, and as a part of its e-Governance initiative, the district of Ahmednagar has embarked upon a unique project that seeks to redefine public service - SETU - which in local language means a bridge, a bridge between the people and the Government.



It is an IT project that is focused on the common man. The objective is to provide to the citizens of the State more and more services and information of the departments and agencies of the State and Central Governments in an efficient, reliable, transparent and integrated manner on a sustained basis. This is to be done through a chain of computerised SETU kendras & Rural Information Kiosks   ( Suvidha center).



The SETU kendras will function under the direct control of the SETU SAMITI, a society to be set up under the chairmanship of the District Collector, Ahmednagar. These kendras are to be established on a BOT basis wherein the BOT operator will enter into an agreement with the SETU SAMITI. The infrastructure, hardware, software etc. to be provided at the SETU kendras & Rural Information Kiosks will be detailed by the SAMITI.



It is proposed to locate the SETU kendras  & Rural Information Kiosks at each of the Tahsils in the district (Annexure I - list of Tahsils & Annexure IA- List of Rural Information Kiosks) with the exception of Ahmednagar and Sangamner where it is already operational. Ahmednagar Setu center is run by Private Party- CMS ( where softwares are also of that party)

Softwares Which are developed and implemented at Setu center , Ahmednagar by CMS are

1.  Single window system – Caste certificate, Domicile etc all relevant      certificates which are issued by Tahsildar are get generated.

2.    Satbara - 7/12 extract

3.    Affidavit Monitoring System – Various types of Affidavits.


Through SETU & the Rural Information Kiosks the government envisages to computerize the citizen - government interface by issuing all relevant certificates, 7/12 extract, property card etc. in a given time frame at a pre determined fixed cost. The village level Rural Information Kiosks are to be set up using Intranet Technology.




Annexure I


List of Tahsils where SETU & Rural Kiosks have to be commissioned in the various subdivisions of Ahmednagar District.

Name of the Subdivision

Name of Tahsil where SETU & Rural Kiosks are running

1) Ahmednagar

                                i.        Parner

                              ii.        Pathardi

                           iii.        Shevgaon

                           iv.      Nagar


2) Karjat

                                i.        Karjat

                            ii. Shrigonda

               iii. Jamkhed 

3) Sangamner

                              i.      Sangamner

                           ii.        Akole

                        iii.     Rahata

                       iv.      Kopargaon


4) Shrirampur

                       i.        Shrirampur

                        ii.        Newasa

                      iii.        Rahuri




Annexure IA

Indicative / probable list of Rural Information Kiosk Locations(SUVIDHA).

Sr. No.


Probable Rural Information Kiosks Location



Supa, Vadzire, Takli-Dhokeshwar



Karanji, Taklimanur,



Erandgaon, Bodhegaon, Bhatkudgaon



Rashin, Mirajgaon, Mahi



Belvandi, Mandavgan, Kashti






Manjoor, Pohegaon, Padhegaon



Kotul, Rajur,



Taklibhan, Nimgaon Khairi



Sonai, Chanda, Salabatpur



Vambori, Deolali-Pravara,



Loni, Rajuri,


SETU - Idea Plan ( May vary from Tahsil to Tahsil depending upon the area available )


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List of Certificates etc to be processed at SETU


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